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Serenità Retreat Center is currently an idea, not a reality.

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Do you want to participate in a Tropical Belizean Retreat Center?

Serenita Village is wanting to establish a retreat center. Below we outline what our intentions are:

Serenita Retreat Vision

It may be as simple as not being able to answer the question “Who am I?”

Or you are fed up with bosses demanding more and more of your time in order to reach profit goals, while you are stranded without a sense of value.

Or it maybe that the years of governmental control over your life, your employment, and even the words you use to address someone, has reached a point where you cannot handle it any more.


Looking for inner peace?

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Serenita Village Philosophy

What initated the village? An ongoing search by the founder over the last 30 years for a better way to live together in harmony.

If you want to understand the heart felt intentions behind Serenita Village, CLICK HERE.

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