Village Community


Village People

(you don’t have to sing YMCA !)

Love life



Wanting to give back

Compassionate at heart

Sense of humor

A Sense of Meaning

Feel like you are being led to abundance?

Looking for companions on the journey?

Recognize that some source of energy is bigger than yourself?

Wanting to make a contribution that makes a difference?

Freedom to Choose

Do you want to make your own choices without pressure from others?

Are you wanting to be able to fly high, without having to work 24/7 ?

Do you love it when others choose you to particpate?

Looking for relevance  and purpose for the rest your life?

Wanting Safe and Reliable Homes

Maintenance free exterior

Mold free – Fresh no odor

Clean and strong

Insulative – R20+ heat resistant

Salt damp free

Termite free

Rust free

UV resistant

Water and rot proof

long life – over 100 years

What do Serenità Villagers want?

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Be Part of a Global Movement

You are not alone wanting to live in an Ecologically Sustainable Village!

This Network has over 10,000 villages in it’s registry.

So don’t think we are the first, some of this movement has been happening for 20+ years! 


It may be as simple as the freedom to not have to bundle up in multiple layers to go outside in winter.

Or you are fed up with bosses demanding more and more of your time in order to reach profit goals, while you are stranded without a sense of value.

Or it maybe that the years of governmental control over your life, your employment, and even the words you use to address someone, has reached a point where you cannot handle it any more.

Well Serenita Village is no panacea, but I do believe that trust in a group of people of like minded compassion is the best way to address these sorts of issues.

Less Pressure

Things are slower in Belize.

That can be hard to adjust to, but in the end it is that very fact that takes the pressure off your day. No late nights working (unless you find it fun). Time to walk on the beach (all beaches are open in Belize, they cannot be owned)

A Lower Cost of Living

When I was first in Belize, I went to the local Corazal Town farmer’s market, and purchased 2 sweet pineapples for a dollar.

The low cost of labor in Belize means that you can afford to hire when you could not do so further north in America or in Europe.

Yes, there are significant taxes imposed on bringing cars and new items into Belize. but the land taxes for your block will be less than $100 a year!

Petrol is expensive, but weigh that against a block of land which is a mere fraction of the cost in first world countries. A tropical beach block would for me be unobtainable in Australia or Europe. You can get a lot of petrol for the difference in land alone!

They say you can live well in Belize for $1000 a month. Certainly that is a multiple times the income for most citizens of Belize! However you look at it, the overall cost of living is lower than in Costa Rica or Panama!

Single, wanting Community?

Our Village welcomes people who are looking for a new start on their own.

There are low cost strata title packages that allow a person to own a Casita (tiny house) close to others, but independent.

What about Kid's Education?

Children are welcome in the village.

It has been asked, “where would they go to school?”  Here are some schools that are 10 minutes drive from Serenità Village:


Corozal Community College  Associated with the University of Belize

Mexico Technical High School

Institute for Technical & Vocational Education & Training

Corozal Junior College

Belize Adventist College (a little further away in Ranchito, Secondary and Primary)


Mary Hill Primary

St Paul’s anglican School

Church of Christ Primary School

Plus, 3 government schools in the area.

Explore the coral reef, etc

So many things for your personal journey. You can meet with a Mayan shaman, sit on a mountain (but not in the snow), or travel down the coast with friends.

The photo is of the famous Belize “Blue Hole” on the reef.

Serenita Village Philosophy

What initated the village? An ongoing search by the founder over the last 30 years for a better way to live together in harmony.

If you want to understand the heart felt intentions behind Serenita Village, CLICK HERE.

Give, as you have been Given

Some people are able to be thankful for every day, and it shows in their smiles.

We don’t have to be rich or famous in order to be who we are!

Our individuality is in itself a gift, providing we are accepted for what we are. Not perfect, but able to love myself and accept compassion and care from others.

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